Danser utlärda hösten 2009

36Cowboy Charleston,
Texas Stomp,
Peaches & Creame
Live Laugh Love Time To Swing,
Moonlight Kiss,
Galway Girls
37Lindi Shuffle Irish Stew, Toes
Funky Boogie,
Go Mama Go, ToesSenseless Cha
38Country Walkin’ActionTime To SwingSpeak With Your Heart
39Driftaway Cha ChaMidnight WaltzMojo RhythmBad Influence
40Driftaway Cha Cha Amame
41Never & ForeverPreacher ManSister KateCoochie Bang Bang
42Strait Talkin´Trickle TrickleAction,
Preacher Man
Still Waiting
43Make It UpTo The Moon,
Cabo San Lucas
Heart Of The Ocean
44Ghost Train,
Mini Mariana
Coochie Bang BangHolding On To
Hear The Violins
45Black CoffeeBosa Nova,
Chica Boom Boom
River Of Dreams
46Cut A RugIce BreakerDream WeaverTangoed
47Tush PushIt’s a Country ThingSpeak With Your HeartJesse James
48Chica Boom BoomPretendBefore The DevilBaby You’ve Got It

1 sept: 1000 YearsChattahoochee IIMaybe I Could
8 sept: Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!Splish Splash
15 sept: Come Dance With MeRosegardenTake A Breather
22 sept: Sweet Sweet SmileChill Factor
29 sept: Whole AgainJ´ai Du Boogie
6 okt: The Picnic PolkaMy Mamacita
13 okt: RioMony Mony
20 okt: Buy Me A DrinkIt´s Up To You
27 okt: Speak To The SkyDoctor Doctor
3 nov: Just A MinuteMiller Magic
10 nov: Just A KissRebel Amor
17 nov: Stitch It UpJukebox
24 nov: My VeronicaCaught In The Act

 Steg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
v 36Cowboy Charleston
Texas Stomp, Lindi Shuffle
Time To SwingLa Grange,
Tennessee Waltz
v 37Peaches & CreameBadda-Boom! Badda-Bang!
v 38Cowgirl TwistAction Let´s Get Drunk
v 39Strait Talkin´Go Mama Go
v 40Tush PushRosegardenChill Factor
v 41Wanna DanceAmame
v 42Take A Breather
v 43Driftaway Cha ChaPartytown 4-10
v 44Ghost TrainIce BreakerBeer For My Horses
v 45Easy FunAh Si!Before The Devil
v 46Just A MinuteBuy Me A Drink,
v 47Chica Boom BoomToes
v 48Never & ForeverJust A Kiss
v 49Cut A RugAlmost Jamaica

Danser utlärda våren 2009

4Cowgirl Twist,
Cowboy Charleston, Honky Tonk Stomp
Who’s Your Baby Now? Amame
5Peaches & CreameLive Laugh LoveKill The SpidersHuman-Dancer
6Cha Cha of Love Cabo San LucasRollin’ With The FlowTumbling Rush
7First WaltzIrish Stew,
To The Moon
Go With The FlowStop It!
8Strait Talkin´Country 2 StepCalifornia BlueGuantanamera
9Pop Da Booty6-8-12
10Mini MarianaWanna Be ElvisTravelin’ MusicBlue Finger Lou
12Foot Boogie,
Cut A Rug
Last In Line, Little Red BookLast In Line,
You’re so Good
Turn Me Loose
13Country Walkin’,
Texas Stomp
Drunk’n Love WaltzHeart Of An Angel, The Cleveland BoyzGet Trashed
14Ghost TrainMy New LifeSmooth Operator, Wanna Be ElvisFootprints In The Sand
15Tush PushMake It UpRubitin,
Right Or Wrong
La Cabana
166-8-12Beyond The BlueMoonlight KissNo One’s Gonna Stop Me

 Steg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
v 4§Money Money MoneyOoh Poo Pah DooIrish Stew, Pretend
v 5Cowgirl TwistCut A RugGalway GirlsCombine Harvester Groove
v 6Cowboy CharlestonViva La Vida
v 7Honky Tonk StompRollin´With The Flow
v 8Peaches & Creame Wanna Be Elvis
v 9First WaltzMy New Life
v 10Strait Talkin´Travelin´Music
v 11Lindi ShuffleLast In Line
v 12Pop Da BootyRunaround Sue
v 13Some Girls!The Break
v 14Tush PushMadiba Mambo
v 16Ghost TrainHeart Of An Angel
v 176-8-12Rubitin

Danser utlärda hösten 2008

36§Money Money Money§
Cowboy Charleston
Peaches & Creame My Veronica Crystal Chandeliers Amor De Hielo
37Texas StompMini MarianaCrazy Foot MamboTango Cha
38First WaltzIrish StewTo The RockBarbed Wire Waltz
39Sweet BabyBlack CoffeeHigher & Higher,
Heave Away
Like A Dream
40Strait Talkin´To The RockJ´ai Du BoogieLike A Hero
41Peaches & Creame Waltz AcrossTexas Pretend
42Cha Cha of Love White Lightning Am I?
Galway Girls
Catch The Rain
43Ghost TrainTo The MoonDance Like You Are The Only One Head Phones
44Pop Da BootyCha Cha Of Love Swinging Back To LouisianaMy Mamacita
45Foot BoogieTrickle TrickleOoh Poo Pah DooRollin´With The Flow
46Mini Mariana,
Cut A Rug
6-8-12The Picnic PolkaOklahoma Wind,
She Believes
47First Waltz Barbed Wire WaltzSo Glamorous
48Tush Push,
Around the Clock
AroundTheClockDown On The Corner Around The ClockDream Weaver
Get On The Bus

  Steg II StorvretaSteg III Storvreta
v 36 My Veronica
v 37 To The RockWho´s Your Baby Now?
v 38 Texas StompKill The Spiders
v 39 Crazy Foot MamboRompin´Stompin´
v 40 Bosa NovaSplish SplashSundown Waltz
v 41 Peaches & CreameJ´ai Du BoogieWhite Lightning
v 42 White LightningBlack CoffeeLike A Hero
v 44 Ghost Train,  To The MoonHeave Away
v 45 Pop Da BootyTrickle TrickleCockadoodle, Speak To The Sky
v 46 Pretend, Tush PushSwinging Back To Louisiana
v 47 Come Dance With MeLike A Dream
v 48 Combine Harvester GrooveMy New Life

Danser utlärda våren 2008

4§Money Money Money§
Cowboy Charleston,
Lindi Shuffle

Biker Chick Chick
Sea Salt Sally
Live Laugh Love
Maybe I Could,
Stitch It Up
The Picnic Polka
5Ghost TrainZjozzys FunkHigh Time, Silver Moon
6Dream OnBeyond The BlueCharanga
7First ChaMidnight WaltzFirecracker
8Pop Da BootyI Like, It I Love It,
Country 2 Step
Snap, Crackle & Pop
9Cut A RugRebel AmorFly Away
12Strait Talkin´Kiss Me Kiss MeEagles Rock
13Foot BoogieDrizaboneWhole Lot Of Leavin’
14Coz I Want Too!It’s A Country ThingMega Mambo, Prison Break
15Tush Push2 Hell And BackPirate On The Run
16Country Walkin’Stitch It UpYou’re My Destiny
17Dance Like You’re The Only One

 Steg I StorvretaSteg II StorvretaSteg III Storvreta
v 2I Like, It I Love ItJumpin´6 to 6
v 3D.H.S.S Ballymore Boys
v 4Pop Da BootyA Happy Little CowboySea Salt Sally
v 5§Money Money Money§The Picnic PolkaEnchantment
v 6Dream OnBaddaBoom! BaddaBang!Biker Chick Chick
v 7First ChaCountry 2 StepHigh Time
v 8Cut A RugLive Laugh LoveCaught In The Act
v 9Foot BoogieJitterbuggin´Eagles Rock
v 101000 Years (or more)Snap, Crackle & Pop!
v 11Trickle TrickleBeyond The BlueAmor De Hielo
v 13Mini MarianaJust A MemoryMurphy´s LawLunchbox Rock
v 14Strait Talkin´RioOld Time Rock ”N” Roll

Danser utlärda hösten 2007

 Newcomer INewcomer IIEasy Intermed./Intermediate
v 36California Freeze
Sweet Baby
Pizziricco90 DegreesAshes Of Love
Not Like That
v 37Lindi Shuffle
Cowboy Charleston
Country Walkin’
1000 Years (or more)
Mother Me
She´s My Moon Hanger
v 38Country Walkin’RioCT Girl
v 39Never And ForeverBig LoveHead Over Heels
Feel The Magic
v 40Driftaway Cha Cha
v 41To The Moon
The Cowboy Beat
The Cowboy Beat
Hold Him Fast
v 42AlfieKick Around   AlfieTime 2 Fly
v 43Ghost TrainDrunk´n Love WaltzAin´t Got No Money
v 44D.H.S.S Just A Minute
King Of The Road
A Gigolo
v 45Pop Da BootyCut A RugIrish StewWatching You
v 466-8-12
King Of The Road
Whole AgainEnchantment
A Cowboy And A Dancer
v 47Big Girl BoggieBosa NovaShow Me Wot U Got
v 48Tush PushTrickle TrickleSunday Morning Girl
v 4914c Fun PushMini MarianaBlack CoffeeAspireHeave Away

 Nybörjare StorvretaFortsättare Storvreta
v 36California FreezeSweet BabyIrish StewTake A Breather
v 37Lindi ShuffleNot Like ThatStitch It Up
v 38Country Walkin’Head Over Heels
v 39Cowboy CharlestonShe´s My Moon Hanger
v 40Never And Forever1000 Years (or more), Rio
v 41Driftaway Cha ChaCowboy Mix
v 42To The MoonChill Factor
v 43The Cowboy BeatBig Love
v 44Ghost TrainIslands In The StreamPretend
v 46Irish StewSome Girls!CT Girl
v 47AlfieKing Of The Road
v 48A Happy Little CowboyRock´n Roll Bride
v 4914c Fun PushAspire

Danser utlärda våren 2007

 NewcomerEasy Novis / NovisIntermediate
v 04Yee-Haa!, 
Cha Cha One
Driftaway Cha Cha
Beyond The Blue
v 05Sweet BabyBlack Coffee
Foolish Heart
v 06Lindi Shuffle
Funky Boogie
Country 2 Step
Some Girls!
Heart Of An Angel
v 07Never And ForeverNever And Forever
Bosa Nova
Atomik Polka
v 08To The MoonJust A Minute
Leaving Of Liverpool
v 09Cowboy CharlestonFunky Chicken
It´s Up To You
Celtic Kittens
v 10Live Laugh LoveIrish Stew
Macca Mambo
We´re Alive
v 12Strait Talkin´Drunk´n Love WaltzCrazy Cha
Islands In The Stream
v 13Ghost Train
Foot Boogie
Country Walkin’
Whole Again
Holding Back The Ocean
v 15Pop Da Booty
Mini Mariana
Pop Da Booty
Silly Old Boy
Maybe I Could
v 16All Over AgainCome Dance With MeSay Hey
v 17Tush PushTrickle Trickle

 Nybörjare StorvretaFortsättare Storvreta
v 03Lindi ShuffleCha Cha OneSome Girls!
v 04Yee-Haa!Baby Blues
v 05Sweet BabyCountry 2 Step
v 06Never And ForeverJust A MinuteAtomik Polka
v 07Strait Talkin´Heart Of An Angel
v 09To The MoonCome Dance With MeCountry Walkin’
v 10Cowboy CharlestonJukebox Junkie
v 12Live Laugh LoveDriftaway Cha ChaTrickle Trickle
Red Hot Rock´n Roller
v 13Ghost TrainCeltic KittensRock My World
v 15Pop Da BootyBlack Coffee Bosa Nova
v 16Some Girls!D.H.S.S  Buy Me A Drink
v 17Tush PushJust Like DynamiteCloser

Danser utlärda hösten 2006

 Newcomer INewcomer IINoviceIntermediate
v 35Lindi Shuffle,
Cowboy Charleston
Come Dance With Me, Never And ForeverBefore The Devil
A Cuppa Tea
v 36Sweet Baby
California Freeze
Sweet Baby
Walking BackwardsBad Boy Tango
v 37All Over AgainLive Laugh Love
All Over Again
Macca MamboAn Irish Waltz
v 38Cha Cha One
Make It Up
Irish Stew 
Cha Cha One
Leaving Of Liverpool
v 39Within Easy ReachIce BreakerIt´s Up To YouFairytale Life
v 41Foot BoogieBefore The DevilRubitin
v 42To The MoonKill The Spiders
To The Moon
SimplementeDon´t Feel Like Dancing
v 43Tush PushRio,
Rama Lama Ding Dong
Enough´s Enough
v 44Ghost Train
Strait Talkin´
Walking Backwards,
Make It Up
Mr. PinstripeChill Factor
v 45Mini MarianaJitterbuggin´ , 
Strait Talkin´
An Irish WaltzFirst To Let Go
v 46Cut A Rug
Sweet 16
Cut A Rug,
Sweet 16
My Greek No.1
v 47Combine Harvester GrooveRubitinDon´t Feel Like DancingEast To West
v 48A-B Whirl,Just A MinuteBeyond The BlueCry To Me

 Nybörjare StorvretaFortsättare Storvreta
v 35Lindi ShuffleA-B WhirlBefore The Devil
v 36Cowboy CharlestonBeer For My Horses
v 37Strait Talkin´Kisses On The Bottom
v 39Sweet BabyDon´t Feel Like Dancing
v 40Within Easy ReachWalking Backwards
v 41Cha Cha OneSplish Splash
v 42Ice BreakerEnough´s Enough
v 44Ghost TrainTake A Breather
v 45To The MoonRubitin
v 46Tush PushBeyond The Blue
v 47Mini MarianaSundown Waltz
v 48Cut A RugIrish Stew

Danser utlärda våren 2006

vNewcomerFortsättare (termin2/3)Novice/Intermediate
Cowgirl Twist
Pop Da Booty
Trust Me
Bring It On,
4Cowboy Charleston,
Country Walkin’
Urban Grace,
Trust me A Little
5Honky Tonk StompWaltz Across TexasSyncopated Rhythm
6Memory Cha Cha
Within Easy Reach
Bosa Nova
7Combine Harvester GrooveCouldn’t resistLife On Mars
8Pop Da Booty
Lindy Shuffle
Speak To the SkyKiss & Make Up
9Ghost TrainLove Is In The AirBlack Horse
11A-B WhirlKeep On Dancing
12Black CoffeeYou’re So GoodIslands In The Stream
13Mini Mariana
Foot Boogie
Just A Minute,
Bethovens Boogie,
J’ai Du Boogie
14Tush PushBurnin’ LoveI Can’t Be Bothered
15Trickle TrickleThe WorldJukebox 
16Sweet Sweet SmileShe BangsWhere We’ve Been
1714c Fun Push, A-B WhirlPretendMama Take Me Home

 Termin 2 StorvretaFortsättare Storvreta
v 03Mini MarianaSnap Happy
v 04Sweet 16Side By Side
v 05Some Girls!!
v 07D.H.S.SYou Can´t Love Me Too Much
v 09Memory Cha ChaBobbie Sue
v 10Black CoffeeLucille
v 11Just 4 FunPretend
v 12Buy Me A DrinkThat´s What I Like
v 13Trickle TrickleJitterbuggin´,
v 14Jitterbuggin´Enough´s Enough
v 16