Hösten 2012

vNybörjareImprover MickeNovice Marita
34Öppet Hus
ABieberScoot Bootin’
35Little Red bookLa La LoveRose Garden,
Ice Breaker
Pick A Bale
Hey Boy
36Something In The WaterCha Cha Espania,
Pick A Bale
37Portrait (Maria & Micke)Bud WiserIt’s Up To You
38Don’t Make Me
39Cha Cha EspaniaAlfie Na Mara
40The Little ShirtGypsy WomanCheek To Cheek
41Strait Talkin’Heart Of An AngelZumba
42Country 2 stepBuy Me A DrinkWhole Again,
Heart Of An Angel
43Peaches & CreamWanna Be Elvis,
I Saw Linda Yesterday
44Dream OnMagic Touch Creepin’ Up On You
45Go SevenLove Me Or Leave MeB.C.O. (Baby Come On)
46BounceHigher & HigherRadioactive
47Caught In The Act
vEasy IntermediateIntermediateSteg I & 2 Storvreta
35Bang Bang
Bright Light
Bang Bang,
St Antonin
36Black HearLido ShufflTennessee Waltz
What A Thrill,
37Straight To Memphis
Beautiful In My Eyes
Ting Ting
38Half Past NothinHot Sexy MamaWanna Be Elvis,
39Through The FireBud Wiser
40Through The FireOne Great Big LoveWonderland Swing
41HairsprayDance AgainWonderland SwingCaballero
42Wom Bom BomHighwayOut & Jump
43Rise & ShineThis Ole Boy
44If I CouldSkiffle Time
45Rise & ShineGotcha Where I Want YaThe Hotdog Boogie

våren 2012

vEasy Improver MaritaImprover MickeNovice Kiwa
3Something In The WaterChicken Walk JiveInspiration
4Purr KittyGarlick Waltz,
That’s What I Like
Beyond Your Eyes
5Live, Laugh, Love (LLL)Ai SeSho’nuf
6Black CoffeeTake a BreatherRock Your Body
9PizziriccoBosa Nova, Sway Me Now
10Chica Boom BoomCrash & BurnFahrenheit
116 8 12Speak To The SkyMove A Like
12Love trickAmazing Grace
13Stitch It Up , Some GirlsProud Mary Burnin’
15Just Caballero, Just A MemoryUnmistakable
16Picnic polkaHave You Ever Seen The Rain Have Fun Go Mad
vEasy IntermediateIntermediate
3Trust Me!Case Of LoveFireproof Waltz
4Loving YouA Lady In Blue
5It’s Up to YouFree Love
6Rock Your BodyMidnight Swing
7DominoGonna Fly  Na Mara
8Right About NowIt Takes All Night
9ShambalaEasy To See I Said I Love You
10Don’t Want NobodyMi Condena
11Such A Shame  Amazing GraceFootloose
12Late Night BimboReady Steady Go
14Na MaraD.M.S (Drink Myself Single)
vSteg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
3Badda Boom Badda Bang,
Sonora Death Row
4 The Picnic PolkaCT Girl
5Something in The WaterInspiration
6Live, Laugh, Love (LLL)Old Time Rock-n-roll
7Purr KittyIt’s Up to You
11Black Coffee , My Baby in CamouflageIce breaker
12Chica Boom Boom
And It Goes Like This
Take a Breather,
Islands in the Stream
15Peaches & CreamUnmistakable
16Rose GardenRock the House

hösten 2011

vNewcomer MaritaImprover MickeNovice Kiwa
34ABieber, Texas Stomp  
35D.H.S.S.Broken Stones
I Love You Because
SOBT (Sex On The Beach)
36Looking GoodPretendOpen Book
37Mini MarianaMysterious GirlJukebox
38Tush PushLLL
Something In The Water
Make You Sweat
40Blue Night ChaRhyme Or ReasonGypsy Rosa Li
41Never and ForeverDrunken Love Waltz
Life Could Be A Dream
42Irish StewDancing Sweet Mr SaxobeatShake That Thing
44Ghost TrainCloserChill Factor
45Drip Drop DancingScotia SambaDry Your Eyes
46Pop Da BootyBadda Boom Badda BangCrazy Legs
47Country WalkingPick It Up
48Little Red book Hot Potato
vEasy IntermediateIntermediate
35InställtParty Freak
36Shake That ThingVideoX Cuse Me
37Let It All OutSolar PowerLA To Waco
38Love 2 DanceMr Saxo Beat
39Solar PowerCaballero
40Raise Your Glass
41Move AlikeNo Scandal
42Danza KuduroAlabama Slammin’
43Say GraceRenegade’s, Rebel’s & Rouge’s,
Rubberneckin’ Renegades
44All Of MeChicken Walk JiveAll Of Me
46Rolling In the DeepBeer or Gasoline
47Swing Your ChainsDon’t You Remember
48Kicking the DirtUnder My Skin
vSteg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
34Öppet Hus: Lindi Shuffle
Texas Stomp
Gypsy Woman
Ice Breaker
35Country Walkin’Back In Time
36Love TrickMystery Waltz
37ABieberShake That Thing
38Looking GoodA Wonderful World Dance
40Mini Mariana
41DHSSQuarter After One
42Blue Night ChaColours Of The Wind
43Ghost TrainChill Factor
45Tush Push
46Never & ForeverI Run to You
47Irish Stew
48Drip Drop DancingRose Garden

våren 2011

vNewcomer MaritaImprover MickeNovice Kiwa
3ABieber Where I Belong  
4Little Red BookCountry 2 StepABieber, Wicked gameQuarter After One
5Cowboy Charleston, California FreezeToesDHSSWave on WaveGiddy Up
6Like it RoughPicnic PolkaTelepathy
7Looking GoodTennessee Waltz Surprise
Hello Dolly
Zjozzys Funk
9Chica Boom Boom,
Tiptoe Round
Pack Up & Tip ToeGot To Be Funky,
When I Need You
10Driftaway Cha ChaUnchain My HeartMony Mony
11Never & ForeverOut & JumpMade In The USA
12Pop Da BootyWhen I Need YouMissing Link
13Wicked gameFunk Shui
Let It Bay-Be
146 8 12A Perfect NightWrong Side Of The Road
15Cooley’s Reel
Blue Night Cha
Cooley’s ReelCooley’s Reel
Blue Night Cha
vEasy IntermediateIntermediate
3 Calypso MexicoBumpy Ride
4Hollywood, Jig About  Like it RoughSands of Time
5Won’t Let Go, 1-2-3-4Twist with the Fat Boys
6Wonderland WaltzA Candle in the Dark
7TroublemakerAll Over The World
8Talking To The MoonUnpredictable
9A Perfect DayPack UpDisappearing Bubbles
10EnamoradaFahrenheitGuitars & Whiskey
11Drip DroppinDog House BluesMexican Girl
12Islands in the StreamBreak Free Cha
13On The FloorBurlesque
14I’m No GoodJumpin’ The Gun
vSteg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
3Cowboy CharlestonLittle Bit CloserAlmost JamaicaRompin Stompin
4Lindi ShuffleABieberCeltic Kittens
5Country 2 stepI Run to You
6Little Red bookDHSS1-2-3-4
7Chica Boom Boom
8Picnic PolkaDog-Gone Blues
9Looking GoodWonderland Waltz
10Never & ForeverShanghai Surprise
12Ghost TrainPopular
13Driftaway Cha ChaWhen I Need You
14Tush PushIslands in the Stream
15Cooley’s ReelIrish Spirit
16Some Girls! 

hösten 2010

34Cowboy Charleston,
Looking Good
35Country WalkingLove Trick, Little Red book
Let your love flow
I Run to You
Like it Rough
36Peaches & CreamUnder The SunWakiraMartini Moments
37California FreezeAmericanoQuarter After OneUp Up Up
38Tush PushAll I Need,
Driftaway Cha Cha
Know Me By Now, Box It Up!American Honey
40Never & ForeverReelin’ & Rockin’Hands Up!, Box It Up!Hey Soul Sister
41Driftaway Cha ChaKnow Me By NowOut & JumpUpside Down
42Love TrickLike it RoughSlow BurnMessed up in Memphis
43Fun PushTango Lamento
44Irish StewShanghai SurpriseLatin Crazy
45Pop Da BootyCool Chick,
Sweet Sweet Smile
46Mini MarianaYou’re so goodJig AboutNightshift
47Little Bit CloserLittle Bit CloserBig JimmyI Keep Dreaming
vSteg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
34Rockin ChaEye Candy
California Freeze
Before the Devil
Ballymore BoysBosa Nova
35Texas StompYolanda
36Looking GoodDoctor Doctor
37Beyond the BlueCho-Co-Latte
38Chica Boom BoomKill the Spiders
39Tush PushCome Dance With MePretend
40Irish StewChill Factor
41Peaches & CreamShe’s My Moon Hanger
42Come Dance With Me Quarter After One
44Never & ForeverBox It Up!
45Pop Da BootyGo Mama Go
46Love Trick, Rose GardenCool Chick
35 Quarter After One  Suspicious Minds
36 Bosa Nova  Speak With Your Heart
37Cho-Co-Latte   Regresa
39 Sweetie   Evergreen
41Little Bit Closer   Rhyme or Reason
43Can’t Stop Loving You   Hope
45Go Mama Go  Wave on Wave

våren 2010

3Cowboy Chareston, California Freeze,
Cowgirl Twist
Foot Boogie,
6 8 12
Hands Up Baby Hands UP
Playing With Fire
4Feeling Kinda LonelyCome Dance With MeTap Room Boogie
5Peaches & CremeCountry 2 StepHicktown ShuffleWhy Don’t We Just Dance
6Ghost TrainBeyond The BlueLouisiana SwingShoes Of An Other Man
7Strait Talkin’Time To SwingRiver Of Dreams
8Chica Boom Boom Windmill Waltz Holding On To YesterdayWhat Do You See
9Windmill WaltzThe King & IAy AmorEvery Now And Then, Mosquito Finito
10Live Laugh LoveBlack CoffeeSpeak With Your HeartUnder The Sun,
Groovy Little Dance  
11Pop Da BootyRioJesse JamesYou And I
12Mini MarianaLove Me
13Foot BoogieSwedish Delight
15Any One Can CloserSwedish Delight, Rebel AmorThis Ain’t No Cha Cha
16Tush PushDrunk’n Love WaltzHush Hush
17Cut A RugTrickle Trickle, PretendMess Around, Kill The Spiders
19 jan: Higher & HigherCheek To Cheek
26 jan: Leaving Of Liverpool, Don´t Feel Like Dancing
2 feb: Alligator RockIslands In The Stream
9 feb: Crazy Foot MamboWhere We´ve Been
16 feb: Zjozzys FunkMacca Mambo, Side By Side
23 feb: Heart Of An AngelSlappin´Leather
 Steg I StorvretaSteg II Storvreta
v 2Make It UpCut A Rug
Chica Boom Boom
The Watering Hole
Heavy Duty Beauty
Cool Chick
v 3Country Walkin´Wanna Be ElvisRebel Amor
v 4California FreezeDon´t Feel Like Dancing
v 5Heavy Duty BeautyMojo Rhythm
v 6Feeling Kinda LonelyCall The Preacher
v 7Mini MarianaHeart Of An Angel
Who´s Your Baby Now?
v 8Peaches & CremeLouisiana Swing
v 9Ghost TrainIslands In The Stream
v 10Live Laugh LoveMaybe I Could
v 11Some Girls!Mess Around
v 12First WaltzMexicali
v 14Tush PushAy Amor
v 15Wanna DanceB.C.O.