Nivå I vt 2022

v3 Dans: Live-Laugh-Love (LLL)
v4 Dans: Funk It Out
Musik: 1 Get It Out
2. Uptown Funk
3. Have Fun Go Mad
4. If Ya Gettin´Down
v5: Inställt
v6: Inställt
v7: Holding Me More
v8: Gives Me Shivers
v10: Repetition
v11: Crazy Legs
Musik: 1. Tell Me Ma
2. Tilted
3. Leaving Of Liverpool
v12: Årsmöte med dans
v13: Black Coffee
V14: Repetition
V16: Bosa Nova
v17: Wave On Wave

Nivå I ht 2021

Öppet hus 2021
v35 Dans: Cut A Rug
Musik: 1. Roll Back The Rug – Scooter Lee
2. Texas Time – Keith Urban
3. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
Dans: Easy Love
Musik: 1. Easy Love – Sigala
2. Texas Time – Keith Urban
3. Lonely Drum – Aaron Goodvin
4. Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran
v36 Dans: AB A Reason To Stay
Musik: 1. Reason To Stay – Brett Young
2. Never Comin Down – Keith Urban
3. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You – Heart
4. Can’t Stay Away – Darin
v37 Dans: Lindi Shuffle
Musik: 1. Need More Of You – Bellamy Brothers
2. Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers
3. Love You Too Much – Brady Seals
4. Roll Back The Rug – Scooter Lee
v38 Repetition
v39 Dans: Absolut Beginners Rumba
Musik: 1. I Just Want To Dance – George Strait
2. Smoky Places – Ronnie McDowell
3. Shivers – Ed Sheeran
v40 Dans: Come Dance With Me
v43 Dans: Basic Cha
Musik 1: Back to me– Vanotek performing feat Eneli
2: Angelina– Lou Bega
v44 Dans: Ghost Train
Musik 1: Ghost Train Instrumental
2: Zorbas Dance
V46 Dans: Irish Stew
V47 Dans: I Close My Eyes
V48 Dans: First Waltz
Musik 1: Tattoos of Life